Advocacy Services

Advocacy Services

Advocacy means that we help give a person or persons support to have their voice(s) heard. At Therapy Table we work to ensure that all people in society are able to:

  • have their voice heard on issues that are important to them
  • protect and promote rights of people
  • have their wishes/opinions genuinely considered when decisions are being made about them

We provide different forms of advocacy services depending on the situation.

  • Instructed – The individual(s) instruct the advocate on what they would like the advocate to say and do. The advocate’s role is to work with the individual(s) to articulate what the individual(s) have to say in a way that puts their point of view across clearly. The advocate supports them with what they want to achieve.
  • Non-Instructed – In some cases the individual(s) does not have the capacity to articulate what they would like the advocate to do exactly. Thus, the advocate uses other approaches to make sure the individual(s) life choices are not compromised. It is the advocates role to ensure the best interests of the individual(s) are represented.
  • Group – Involves people with shared experiences, positions or values coming together in groups to talk, listen and collectively speak up about issues that are important to them. The advocate will help to carry the agenda of these groups forward.

Find the type of advocacy that’s right for you.

Get The Support Of An Advocate

We are here to help advocate for you. Click the type of advocacy for your situation and let us advocate for you.

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